snow refuses to shine

felineleins baby i'm so fucking dörti tonight
did i tell you allready
my goodness
my goodness
i'm out of rand and band babe
so tell me your story!
you know today i'm getting my act together, so papa told me
so i'm going to an art exhibition again
so i'm sending you the long lonley awaited letter my dear
o my dear how i'm will be blooming on day x and ypsilon

2.2.09 15:27

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feline.who.else (2.2.09 23:54)
my lovely marlene!
i love to read your posts here
i can't "filter" out if you're tellin' me something which could be a bigger news, under circumstances.
so if there are big changes, let me know in a way which is clear to understand,
ya know what i mean?

(4.2.09 19:36)
honey i got you
i'll take a browse through my brain if i can call life changes you know what i mean
my love, my love to you

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